Reference - overview of maker markings:
Markings on WW2 medals:
LDO Markings L-numbers
Präsidential Kanzlei markings - number only
Letters - abbreviations - letter only

Markings on helmets WW1
Markings on helmets WW2
Markings on cartridges - USA
Markings on cartridges - DEU
Markings on Hindenburgcross
Markings on K98 Mauser
Markings on optical equipment (compass, binoculars)
WW1 Iron Cross markings

M1- badges and insignia (Metallabzeichen)
M2- sub-contractors ( Hilfsbetriebe)
M3- symbols ( Symbole )
M4- belt buckles ( Koppelschloss )
M5- uniform fittings (Uniformeffeffekten )
M6- aluminum products ( Aluminiumwaren )
M7- daggers (Dienstdolch u. fahrtenmesser )
M7h - Dagger Subcontractors
M8- metal accessories (Metallzubehorteile )
M9- meeting badges (Fest-u. Tagesabzeichen )
M10- musical instruments ( Musikinstrumenten )
M11- NSDAP Service Awards (NSDAP Dienstauszeichnungen )
M12- Miniature NSDAP Service Awards ( NSDAP Dienstauszeichnungen in Miniatur 
Flottenkriegabzeichen BuntmetalWelcome!
I am a collector from WW1 and WW2 militaria and
created this website as a reference website.
My own areas of collecting are
- German youth organisations such as HJ and BDM
- WW1 medals and badges
-relics of WW1 and WW2
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